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Kuwait بنشر متنقل

Dear customer, when you are looking for immediate maintenance with high quality, contact us immediately. With Auto Kuwait, if you are in any area in Kuwait, whether Mussafah, Najran or any governorate, and you want a service, we are available and our cars are fully equipped for all maintenance services, which are:

  • We provide a car oil change service.
  • We provide tire or tire change service.
  • We provide a distinguished service for anyone who wants to measure the pressure of the calf on the road for light or heavy transport.

If you have problems with the wiring and a hole has occurred, we are working to provide thermal parts that are installed inside.

If you feel that the car engine is hot, you need to change the water for the car.

24 hour بنشر متنقل

Private cars that travel long distances are exposed to tire problems. It is possible that in the event of rain, they may slip on the road, and accordingly, you need a service to change the tires and we are available all day. Call us at auto-kuwait

And we will find you wherever you are and from the means of communication with the following 24 hour mobile publication:

You can find us on Instagram and see all our live photos and videos.

You can find us by contacting us by e-mail

You can contact us via WhatsApp..

Of course, we are on the Facebook page and a 24-hour team can require assistance and we will respond to you immediately.

Phone numbers, whether hotline or public mobile service.

You can contact us through our application and through the website.

Dear customer, we know the extent of the trust you place on us and in him you are always at the forefront. Do not be afraid on the public road. If you have malfunctions, just park the car and put the stop signs and we will find you immediately so that you can complete your journey without stopping.

Publishing mobile car repair in Kuwait

قطع غيار متوفرة

Publishing a mobile car repair in Kuwait that changes car tires. It is known that car tires are one of the most important things inside the car, as the process of choosing the appropriate tire for the region in which you live and the way to use the car must be taken care of. Rugged inside the ropes and also tires on icy areas are different from places that are by nature rainy and therefore you must be aware of the type of appropriate tire to avoid accidents, but if you do not have full awareness, we are in a بنشر متنقل in Kuwait. new:

First, the tire must be new, and it has not been long since it was manufactured.

The maximum period that has been determined in the Arab Gulf states is 2 years.

You must choose the appropriate tire for the climatic conditions inside the place in which you live and inside Kuwait, as tires are chosen for the summer season as a result of the high temperatures.

You must choose the appropriate tire width and can be identified by the information on the old tire.

The size of the jinn must be suitable for the blasphemy.

If you want to know the information about the tire, it is engraved on the disbelief

Finally, when measuring tire pressure, it should be between 33 and 35.

For high or low pressure, it is a problem for the car.

You can know the ideal pressure for the quality of the tire through the information on the car door and not the measurement ratio engraved on the tire because it represents the maximum pressure.

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بنشر متنقل near me

بنشر متنقل الكويت

A mobile online garage in Kuwait that you find at any time of the day, even in the very late times, because our task is to overcome the problems of others, and among those problems is engine oil. And all the parts that work inside the engine, and accordingly, the oil situation is important in order to reduce the friction force of the engine parts, and when the engine is turned off, the oil cycle returns again to the carburetor. In full as follows:

We are working to put the appropriate amount of oil, which does not exceed so as not to reduce the resistance of the engine parts.

We are working to provide high quality oil so that it is not exposed to overheating and thus damages the engine parts.

Dear customer, when you ask us to change the amount of oil, you will not notice the fumes that come out of the car as a result of the presence of a quantity

High oil because we measure the good level.

When you use us, you will not expose your car to shredding.

Contact us and you will find us immediately.

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Mobile saw repair Kuwait

It is known that filling the car with gasoline is necessary in order to ensure that you reach your destination quickly, but what will happen if you do not check the gas meter and walk in a place without services and the indicator approaches the end of the gasoline stop immediately and do not drive on the steam of the car because it can expose your car To several problems, contact us, and we will work to fix a mobile deployment in Kuwait to fill the fuel tank, and among the problems of gasoline approaching the following completion:

When you are exposed to emptying the fuel tank, you must stop to maintain the motor.

You should not leave the fuel tank to the end to maintain the atomizers.

Of course, the level of gasoline must be maintained so that the pump does not malfunction and be subjected to stopping.

Dear customer, one of the important tips when placing gasoline from inside gas stations is to choose a trust station and a private fuel tank

It cannot be immersed in water, as it can introduce impurities into the gasoline tank, which is a big problem.

The best mobile car repair deployment in Kuwait

Inside the Kuwait publication, we are working on aligning cars, whether for the relevant committee

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